Medical Freedom


The Declaration


Declaration of Medical Freedom


The God-given right of every individual to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness necessarily empowers every individual the freedom to determine what medical or other health care related practices are acceptable for one’s body. We therefore affirm the God Given Right of absolute autonomy over our own body.

No form of government on earth, on any level, including rule by Majority, takes precedent over the unalienable rights of the individual in these regards.

Therefore, in each and every event, the God given right to accept, or decline, any health care or medical procedure is within the absolute right of the individual.

In addition, these rights extend to the rights of parents, to make any and all health care related decisions for their children.

Further, these unalienable rights include that of “informed consent” so as to enable the individual to make a fully informed personal choice before any medical, or other health care related treatments, are accepted.

We therefore affirm the unalienable and necessary right to complete access to any and all information or knowledge that is available from any source of on earth so we can make fully informed decisions.

The unalienable right to Freedom of Expression includes the right to not have information censored or de-platformed in any way before it is offered for consideration by the people. We, the people, will entirely

Further, the unalienable right to Freedom of Association necessarily includes the right to freely associate with any health care provider or sources of knowledge from anyone on earth, as we see fit.

We, the people, as individuals, will decide who we will consult with, or associate with, regarding these decisions without interference from any level of government on earth.

Therefore, We, the People, unequivocally affirm the right to complete access to any form or tradition of health care practiced throughout history from anywhere on earth and well as any methods or systems of healing that present themselves going forth.

Finally, We the People assert the right to full legal redress against any individual, government or association that intentionally, or negligently, interferes with these now declared God-Given Unalienable rights.

Therefore, We the People inaugurate this Declaration of Medical Freedom as the Law of the Land this 4th day of October, in the year of the Lord, 2022.