What role do the people play in Medical Freedom?

Let me tell you a story that may sound familiar to you.

In the height of the “pandemic” my local City managed recreation center in my small town gave notice to all of the community that masks would be required to use the facility.  One could not run, or walk around the indoor track without wearing a mask. One could not play any sports, including basketball, volleyball or pickleball without wearing a mask. One could not even enter the facility without wearing a mask.  

Many of us in the community were aware of the useless nature of the mask requirement, as well as the negative effects of not being able to breathe freely, and necessarily breathing our exhale back into our lungs.  We were aware of the actual scientific studies that showed these truths, as well as what had been said originally by the CDC and Fauci that masks were not helpful.

So, a large group of us went to the City Council to petition to remove this mask requirement so we could use the tax funded recreation facility to improve our health, and not be required to wear a mask.

We were certainly not welcomed at the meeting and an attempt was made to only allow one voice to speak to the council.  A spontaneous loud “NO!” was uniformly made.  Thereafter the Mayor offered that a separate public meeting could be held at the local event center so a full discussion could be held.

At that meeting some 90 citizens showed up to support the removal of the mask requirement.

By design, only five were allowed to speak with another five who were allowed to comment on keeping the requirement.

Interestingly enough, one of the members of the audience proposed an alternative that would allow the non-maskers to work out during certain hours, and other hours for only the masked ones.

This idea, nor any ideas, were discussed between the city council and the public.  No back and forth occurred whatsoever.  And, no discussion between the city council themselves was held.  The one “official” local Doctor who apparently had issued the original directive was not in attendance so he could not be consulted.

The edict came down that the City would not be changing its policy and no one could enter, or use the facility, without wearing a mask.

To say the least this was extremely frustrating and an absolute waste of everyone’s time.

A few months later I had an epiphany.  I determined that we, the people of our community needed to apologize to the City, but not for the reason you might imagine.

I realized that we, the people, had unnecessarily burdened the city officials with a private medical decision that was not there’s to make.  I thought about the mental anguish the Mayor had to feel as she was put into the middle of an impossible situation.  So, I realized she was entitled to an apology, along with all of the administrators of the facility.

By making the Declaration that all medical decisions affecting our personal body, are our own decisions privately, the need to ask for “permission” is eliminated.  It simply is not their decision to make.

And, I would also add that those individuals who comprise the administration can also make their own decisions.  We are all liberated.  Issue resolved!

Humanity is awakening.   We are in the process of taking back the powers that should be ours to hold by divine right.   We will be liberated, as the truth sets us free.